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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the right clinic for me/my skater?

Here's some quick descriptions for our current clinic offering;

  • GRRLZ INTRO TO SKATEBOARDING: This clinic is designed for grrlz ages 5 to 13 who have never skateboarded before or who do not feel comfortable standing on their board.  Our Intro to Skateboarding Clinic is a bit shorter than our Beginner Clinic (60 minutes vs. 90 minutes) and we lower our capacity a bit to give skaters as much room as possible to learn.  We will be using the entire skatepark to get you or your skater up and confident on your board- no worries about having to share space with skaters working on tricks.  Skaters are welcome to take our Intro to Skateboarding clinic as many times as they like!  Once you or your skater feels comfortable pushing, cruising, turning, and stopping you may be ready to step up to our Beginner Clinics.

  • GRRLZ BEGINNER CLINICS:  Our Beginner Clinics are designed for skaters who have never skateboarded before to those who are ready to start learning their first basic tricks and/or ride on banks, ramps, and transitions.  We will work on skills like pushing, cruising, tic-tacs, turning, riding up and down banks/ramps, pumping, kick turns, and dropping in on quarterpipes.

  • GRRLZ INTERMEDIATE CLINICS: Feeling pretty comfortable on the board and ready to start incorporating more tricks?  Our Intermediate Clinic is where our skaters are past the fundamentals and want to start developing their bag of tricks.  Our coaches work to push an intermediate skater's abilities and progress by introducing new ways to look at the skatepark.  We'll be working on dropping in on bigger transitions, improving existing techniques, basic coping tricks (slash, axle stall, rock to fakie, rock 'n roll), carving, ollies, basic flip tricks, and anything else you or your skater may want to learn.

  • ALL-ABILITY WOMXN'S CLINIC: Are you 14 or older and want to get some instruction on how to start skating or improve your skills?  Come to our All-Ability Womxn's Clinic to learn in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.  All abilities are welcome!

What's up with your "GRRLZ" "Ladies*" and "Womxn" programming?  Who can register?

As an organization, Skate Like a Girl is committed to being a welcome and safer space for all.  We invite girls (both cisgender and trans), trans, and gender non-conforming youth to join us for our GRRLZ programs, Ladies* Nights, and any other programs not listed as "all gender."  Cisgender (non-trans) males can participate during programs not specifically designed for GRRLZ, Ladies*, or Womxn, including many of our summer skate camps and after-school enrichment courses.

What is required to participate in a Skate Like a Girl clinic?

As long as you or your skater has a desire to roll on four wheels we can help with the rest.  Many of our participants had their first experience stepping on a skateboard with us!  

What should we bring to the clinic?

You won't need much to skate with us- here's a short list of recommended items;

  • Any equipment you may own- helmet, pads, skateboards, or anything else you'd like to use while skating with us.  If you are unsure if your equipment would work for the clinic bring it!  Our staff can help determine if it will be a good fit for the clinic and, if not, can help get you or your skater fitted with loaner gear.

  • A sealable, non-glass water bottle.  There will be areas to refill water bottles during the session but Skate Like a Girl does not provide cups or bottles.  Please make sure that the bottle has a tight-fitting lid or cap and is not glass.  We don't want any spills or broken bottles in the park!

  • A light to mid-weight layer- think sweater, sweatshirt, or long-sleeved shirt just in case you or your skater get a bit chilly.

Do I need to own any skateboard equipment to participate?

Nope!  We've got plenty of loaner gear for those of you who need to borrow equipment or just want to try out something new.  Our fleet of equipment includes skateboards, helmets, and full pad sets (elbow, knee, and wrist) of various sizes that are available at no cost to our skaters.  Skaters are welcome to use our gear at any point during our clinics and camps.  If you know that you'd like to use some of our loaner equipment please indicate so during the registration process.

Am I too young or old to try skateboarding?

Skate Like a Girl welcomes skaters ages of 5 and up.  It isn't uncommon to see age differences of up to 50 years at some of our clinics!  It's been said that your true age is how you feel, and if that's true then skateboarding is the fountain of youth 😊

What do parents/guardians do during the clinic?

We ask that you allow your skaters some space to be fully immersed in the clinic and instruction.  Some of our youth skaters have a tendency to be "tethered" by the presence of a guardian at a program, especially due to the small amount of space available at some of our locations.  If you'd like to check out what your skater has been working on during their time with us we ask that you return 15 minutes prior to the end of the clinic!

When will registration be open for upcoming clinics?

We work to open registration at least a month in advance for scheduled clinics.  Once links for registration are up we will post reminders on our Facebook and Instagram (@skatelikeagirlpdx) accounts.  We will also include clinic registration information in our newsletter e-mails when applicable.

Can I get on a waitlist for a full clinic?

Once our clinics hit capacity we will change the registration link on the Monthly Clinics page to a link that will request a waitlist spot for that clinic.  You may also e-mail us at to request a waitlist spot.  It is rare that participants cancel their registration but in the event that it does happen we will offer spots in the order that we received the requests.

Should I skate outside of Skate Like a Girl clinics?

Think of Skate Like a Girl clinics like piano lessons.  If you were to only touch the keys of a piano when you went to your lesson you'd learn to play, but it'd be at a pretty slow rate.  Skateboarding is similar!  If you only roll on four wheels at our clinics you're sure to see some improvement in your skills but the best way to get better quickly is to keep working on the skills you've developed with the Skate Like a Girl coaches.  Any time spent on a board will help- skating down the sidewalk, tic-tac-ing in the garage or basement, or hitting the skatepark (when it's dry, of course!) will allow the muscle memory and fundamentals to really sink in.  Then, when you come back for more Skate Like a Girl clinic time, we can continue pushing your skills forward! 

Have questions that were not answered above?  E-mail us at and help us build the FAQ page!

Financial Assistance

Skate Like a Girl is committed to making our programs as accessible as possible for all skaters who want to participate.  With that in mind we are proud to offer an assistance program for those who do not have the means to pay for our programming.  Whether one lack the ability to pay online or can not justify an expense we are here to help.  


If you require assistance in any way... 

Please e-mail us at with the subject "Clinic Assistance Request"

so we may work with you to get you or your skater rolling with us!


We are a registered 501(3)(c) charitable organization empowering women and girls through creative means, namely, skateboarding


Send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP! Your voice matters to us.


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