The Skate Like a Girl Lead Coach position is charged with on-site coordination of Skate Like a Girl programming that includes, but is not limited to, weekend clinics, after-school programs, summer camps, events, and more.  The Lead Coach fulfills all of the duties of a Skate Coach in addition to administrative and supervisory roles necessary to ensure the quality and success of Skate Like a Girl programs.  For Spring 2017 the expected workload of a Lead Coach may range from 5 to 20 hours a week.  During Summer 2017 the expected workload of a Lead Coach may range from 15 to 30 hours a week, based on schedule and availability.  Below is a list of expected duties and required qualifications for the Lead Coach position.  This list is not comprehensive and should not serve as a traditional job description.  Please send any questions regarding this position to portland@skatelikeagirl.com.

Major Functions

  • Sign in all participants 

  • Greet participants and/or families as they arrive

  • Lead intro and warm-up activities 

  • Engage a group of up to 21 youth with skateboarding instruction in coordination with other coaches (1 instructor for every 7 participants is our maximum ratio)

  • Supervise and ensure safety of participants at all times 

  • Ensure programs run on time

  • Effectively communicate with other volunteers, staff, parents, and participants 

  • Ensure safety gear and skateboards are in working, safe condition and prepped for programs

  • Model the values and mission of Skate Like a Girl at all times 

  • Follow Skate Like a Girl standards and procedures as outlined in staff manual and at staff trainings 

  • Maintain a professional manner with volunteers, participants, parents, staff and the community 

  • Document any incidents immediately after occurrence 


Required Qualifications & Skills

  • Minimum age of 16 years old 

  • Previous experience working with youth in education, sports, and/or camp 

  • Knowledge and experience with skateboarding 

  • Ability to instruct skateboarding to a group of up to 7 youth

  • The visual and auditory ability to quickly respond to incidents and the physical ability to act swiftly in an emergency 

  • The physical ability to lift up to 35 pounds. 

  • The physical ability to lead and interact in activities and enforce safety standards 

  • CPR and First Aid certification required within 30 days of hire 


Preferred Qualifications & Skills
Skate Like a Girl is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourages applications from all gender identities, cultures, and ethnicities. The following qualifications and skills are preferred but not required:​

  • Ability to speak multiple languages

  • More than 5 years of skateboarding experience

  • Previous experience with Skate Like a Girl as a participant, volunteer, or staff


We are a registered 501(3)(c) charitable organization empowering women and girls through creative means, namely, skateboarding


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